Gooddollar Demo

  • What is the GoodDollar demo and how long does it last?

    The GoodDollar demo period will last from April 2020 until the beta-launch of GoodDollar, slated to occur in Fall 2020. Participating in the GoodDollar demo is the best way to secure your spot to receive GoodDollars for the beta-launch. All tokens minted on the Demo version are likely to be burnt...
  • How should I interact with the GoodDollar demo?

    The purpose of the GoodDollar demo is to get user feedback and increase awareness. Users that help us accomplish these goals will secure a spot in our beta-launch. There are two ways you can engage: Invite 3 of your friends to register for the GoodDollar demo. Once all 3 friends have registered...
  • Where can I get support for the GoodDollar demo?

    You can contact us for support by emailing support@gooddollar.orgĀ . You can also find detailed help on individual topics and information on various topic at our
  • What happens to the demo G$ coins that I collect during the demo?

    The purpose of GoodDollar demo is to increase market awareness and quality assurance. Demo G$ coins collected have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for any other fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies. Do read our Demo Agreement which provides more information.
  • How do I confirm that I secure my spot for the beta launch?

    Two way you can secure your spot for the GoodDollar beta launch : (1) by claiming demo G$ 14 days in a row; (2) through inviting 3 friends to join the GoodDollar demo. After you have successfully invited 3 friends or claimed your G$ 14 days in a row ,you will be notified that your spot is se...